Madrid (Spain). Europe, Africa, and Americas

Based in Madrid our core engineering and financial advisory team is backing the projects worldwide. We allocate resources to the different regions depending on the projects’ workload. Spain has been historically one of the first and largest renewables energy hubs and base of expertise. Setting up our main office in Spain permitted us gathering all that knowledge base as well as best trained and skilled personnel.

We also attend our clients and relevant stakeholders for projects in Europe, Africa and Latin America from our regional office in Madrid.

Our workshop is also located in Madrid. We are manufacturing our equipment and providing technical services in Spain from our central workshop.

Dubai (UAE). GCC region

Staying close to our clients and main project stakeholders is very important for us. We are setting up Dubai’s office in order to attend GCC region relationship needs as well as technical basic requirements that we complement with our headquarter team.

The GCC countries are an ideal market for renewable energy deployment. Indeed, the case for rapid deployment of renewable energy is actually stronger in the GCC region than in many other developing economies. Three fundamental features of the region’s energy supply system explain this potential: ample high-yield renewable resources, enduring natural gas shortage and bankable model for private investment.

Hefei (China). China and APAC

Being Supply Chain services one of our core services China office was a must for us. Only by getting close to manufacturing facilities and suppliers and understanding our supply chain structure we are able to assure that our clients’ interests are fulfilled.

APAC is also the largest solar capacity installed region lead by China and the origin of large portion of the EPCs and financial institutions currently active in renewable energy industry. We use our China office for the busines development and stakeholders’ relationships in the region.

The last decade has seen the rise of China as the new center of solar photovoltaic power manufacture, and the next will likely see it become a center of its deployment. China’s rapid expansion into solar PV manufacture, and its broad impact on global competition key factors have included: export-led growth; process innovation with a focus on crystalline-silicon production; development of upstream production capabilities to facilitate vertical structures; the success of founder and public entity investment; substantial quantities of public finance acting as a form of patient capital during early stage growth and following problems associated with overcapacity. These factors are linked to global policy frameworks to show how innovation is not just a matter of world-class R&D—it is a matter of overcoming substantial uncertainties.

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